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Secular and religious expression in israeli performing arts Essay

Secular and religious expression in israeli performing arts - Essay Example Modern arts have developed in various directions. They include expansion of fork dance style, which accompanied early frontiers in the construction of their old homeland and organization of the art dance that led to stage production produced by trained choreographer. Professional dancers performed it. Currently more than ten professional performing art companies came up with varied collection throughout Israel and abroad. Israel is today vibrant reflection of sounds, ideas, tastes, sights, cultures and people. They focus on events and facts, neglecting intense living standards and dynamics that existed. They integrate the ideas of culture and arts; however, they explore the exciting vision of Israel. Performed culture and arts reflect the pulse of the society and the heart of the Israelis. They show the ideas and themes that may not be expressed in other ways. They mostly serve as an explanation of particular arts and cultures by featuring on various circumstances at a given place an d time. The artists comment on society and culture of Israel through visual arts poetry, literature, music, film, theater performance and various artistic expressions gave educators resources to dig into Israel society in a way that explore the minds of the students and also to their souls and hearts it is by the common communication by art that appreciation of the art and society in deep sense. The education reformers and philosophers stated that culture and art expresses life of a society. In order to explore the distinctive identity of Israeli, legendary Israeli-born sabra is studied. The initial native Israeli in a current land view themselves as different type of Jews. They believed that they are patriotic, direct, young, and innocent group of Jews. The famous symbolic and representation of the sabra was available in newspapers. Many bloggers and editors gave various views of how typical Israeli. Because of the subjectivity in their discovery of the multiplicity and

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Retirement Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Retirement Planning - Essay Example While there are many courses of action one can take to retire, some have greater risk while others offer security. For those of us wanting to retire in the next fifteen to twenty years, risk should be tempered through proper management, diverse investing, and proper estate planning that includes a will, estate plan, and life insurance if one is not self insured through a high net worth in personal property (FINRA, 2011). How Much Does one Need to Retire? Retirement goals most often deal with time and money. In order to retire by a certain time, one must have a certain amount of money. This amount can be in a stock account, coming in as passive income, or cash flow, or be a combination of both. In order for me to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement, I will need to have an income of $4,500 with a margin of growth that meets or exceeds inflation. While many people’s expenses go down in retirement, I do not want to take any chances when it comes to matters such as healthca re, which is the reason that many senior citizens end up broke and living off of social security and, in some cases, the equity in their home through a reverse mortgage. So, while some of my current expenses, such as paying for my mortgage, will not be an issue when I retire, I want to maintain the same level of income to allow for a lifestyle that goes beyond living, and allows me to have a life so that I can travel, give money to organizations I feel are important, while having more to leave behind to loved ones. This will be accomplished through proper asset allocation in a diversified portfolio that will come to approximately three-million dollars. Asset Allocation My current asset allocation is split between individual stocks that I manage through Scottrade, a company matched 401(k), and real estate. My equity is split evenly between the stock market and residential properties, but over the next fifteen to twenty years I expect my real estate holdings to be approximately two-th irds of my portfolio. The reason for this forecast is the properties’ appreciation and growing equity. In addition to the properties’ gains, I will also acquire more properties when good deals are available along with the cash to purchase. Owning property is extremely attractive because the investment can grow while paying at least partially for itself if not in full by way of payments made from tenants. In addition to this, owning property allows investors to receive tax breaks from losses even in years when money has been made. This is done after mortgage interest and depreciation is taken into account. For example, if a piece of property is worth $124,000 with mortgage payments of $1,000 per month, and a tenant occupying the home is paying $1,150 in rent for the whole year, then the profit at the end of the year is $1,800. However, the mortgage interest amounted to $9,000, and depreciation on a piece of investment property is incurred over thirty-one years. In the c ase of this property, the depreciation is $4,000 a year. Rather than paying taxes on $1,800, a loss is shown in the amount of $11,200, resulting in a larger tax return, or lower tax burden, at the end of the year (Pascale, 2010). The advantage to being in a 401(k) is that the company I work for matches my contributions up to 3%. If my 401(k) is cut in half from a

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Feminism is for Everybody Essay Example for Free

Feminism is for Everybody Essay Feminism is a social, cultural, moral and political advocacy encompassed on gender issues such as inequality. In this regard there are several writings that concerns the principles of feminism. The contents of literary works about feminism vary, some writers intend to advocate for the very cause of feminism blindingly, some authors, conversely, intend to provide information about feminism in a non-political or non-equalitarian manner. One such notable content can be found in Bell Hooks publication, Feminism is for Everybody. Hooks book gives the reader a whole different perspective on the radical feminist theory. The primary intention of her book is to bring the feminist point-of-view to non-believers, apathetics and unfamiliar. Hooks also counters the popular notion regarding feminism as she feels that these notions should be given proper attention and correction. In this manner, the common misconception on the ideas of feminism will be clear to society. In the book, Feminism is for everybody, the author rejects the usual beliefs connected to feminism and considers such belief as nothing more than a myth. Hooks puts the arguments and advocacies of feminism in a summarized manner in order to provide a simpler context to readers as well as well as a new concept of what feminism should be. Hooks new concept of feminism suggests a fight against stiff sexism in a benevolent society, thereby ultimately advocating for an inclusive movement. In Feminism is for Everybody, Hooks traces the roots of the feminist movement and gives detail on what it has achieved so far. an advocacy minus the associations of anti-sexism (Hooks, 2000). The historical background of feminism is given in order to put emphasis on the misconstrusion that happened along the way and to give way to the new concept of the movement. Hooks raises the question is feminist a philosophical belief or a political cause, given that the author tackles the arguments of the radical feminists. The debate whether feminism is a philosophical belief or a political cause can also be caused by one of the books chapters tackling gender oppression. The basis may be seen on the idea typecasting male as the enemy, the categorization of man as the oppressor and woman is the oppressed is the primary reason behind feminisms second wave, however, Hooks also does not take away the fact that females are also responsible for such opression given that it took time for the supposed oppresed to spearhead for change (Hooks, 2007). Hooks furthers this by giving the past mistakes of feminism and the misleading beliefs that feminists associated themselves with. This is on the account that most feminists focus on the problem and not on the solution. In a personal account, I am taken to a different world as far as feminism is concerned, primarily because Bell Hooks gives a different appraoch in discussing the cause of feminism. It is also notable that the author diminished the complexities of the feminist thought but still detailed enough to get me educated. The book caused me to reconsider my prior beliefs regarding the arguments presented by feminists. The non-traditional manner of Hooks presentation eliminated my angst towards feminists and made me realize that it is time for change, Hooks compelled me to believe that it is time to dispose of the misleading conventional feminist beliefs of the past and focus on the current issues, moreover, Hooks made me believe that feminism is indeed for everybody. References Hooks, B. (2000). Feminism is for Everybody. Cambridge: South End Press.

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Uniform Knowledge Attributions Essay -- Philosophy

There is a philosophical tradition going back at least to Gilbert Ryle’s 1948 The Concept of Mind of distinguishing â€Å"knowledge how†from â€Å"knowledge that†, in which the latter is taken to be a kind of propositional attitude, while the former is taken to be a kind of ability or capacity. Paradigm examples are, respectively: Sally knows how to ride a bike. (1) Sally knows that she owns a bike. (2) More recently, this distinction has come under renewed scrutiny, notably with [Stanley and Williamson, 2001] arguing that there really is no such distinction, and that â€Å"knowledge how†is really a species of propositional knowledge, though the proposition is known under a different â€Å"mode of presentation† than the types of knowledge typically expressed by â€Å"knowledge that†attributions. Their suggestion is that all knowledge claims are syntactically and semantically uniform, so that philosophical argumentation would be needed to support Ryle’s distinction. In addition, they show that Ryle’s argument was flawed, and provide an account that deals with many other philosophical worries, while giving prima facie evidence that, contrary to what one might expect, (1) is not actually talking about an ability. They argue first that Ryle’s argument in favor of a distinction was incorrect. Then they suggest that linguistic evidence recommends a uniform analysis for all uses of the word â€Å"know†. Finally, they consider various philosophical arguments that might motivate a departure from the linguistic structure, and find them wanting. Thus, they suggest that we should stick with the uniformity of knowledge ascriptions that is suggested by the linguistic data. I will argue that the linguistic data are not as clear-cut as they suggest. ... ...y and Williamson allege for (1). (Interestingly, I haven’t been able to come up with any such counterexamples with â€Å"how†, â€Å"whether†, or â€Å"why†, just with â€Å"who†, â€Å"when†, and possibly â€Å"where†.) This different structure can then give rise to a different sort of meaning. Thus, although some attributions of â€Å"knowledge wh- to†are similar in kind to attributions of â€Å"knowledge that†, I suggest that the linguistic evidence does not immediately imply that all of them are. References [Lahiri, 1991] Lahiri, U. (1991). Embedded Interrogatives and the Predicates that Embed Them. PhD thesis, MIT. [No ¨e, 2005] No ¨e, A. (2005). Against intellectualism. Analysis, 65:278–290. [Schaffer, ] Schaffer, J. Knowing the answer. Unpublished manuscript. [Stanley and Williamson, 2001] Stanley, J. and Williamson, T. (2001). Knowing how. Journal of Philosophy, 98(8):411–444.

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Discussion About Multimeter Essay

Discussion. 1. When we want to measure voltage reading, the multimeter must be parallel with the component that we want to measured. The red on the high voltage side, and black on the lower. When measuring current, amperes, the multimeter must be in series with the component. Remove one side of the component and connect the black multimeter lead to the board where the component was plugged in and the red lead connects to the loose component. The difference between the two is that if we measure the voltage, the internal resistance of the multimeter is set to what is essentially infinity. If it was anything less then it would be acting as a resistor and drawing its own current which would reduce the current on the component being tested, which would in turn reduce the voltage reading we get. When we measured current, the internal resistance of the multimeter is set to almost 0. This is to ensure that it does not contribute to the resistance of the series it is in. Increasing the resistance of a series of components can cause current further â€Å"upstream† to flow into other branches which throws off our current reading.In short, for voltage tests the mm is placed in parallel with the components and acts as an open line to take a reading. For current readings the multimeter is placed in series with the component and it acts as a simple piece of wire with zero resistance. 2. There are many types of errors that maybe encountered in the measurement process and measures to minimize it. For examples random error, systematic error and gross error are static error (i) random errors Random errors are ones that are easier to deal with because they cause the measurements to fluctuate around the true value. If we are trying to measure some parameter X, greater random errors cause a greater dispersion of values, but the mean of X still represents the true value for that instrument. (ii) systematic error A systematic error can be more tricky to track down and is often unknown. This error is often called a bias in the measurement. In chemistry a teacher tells the student to read the volume of liquid in a graduated cylinder by looking at the meniscus. A student may make an error by reading the volume by looking at the liquid level near the edge of the glass. Thus this student will always be off by a certain amount for every reading he makes. Systematic error can be classed by three different error such as: -instrument error -environment error -observational error (iii) gross error Gross error is usually made by human mistakes. As example, error when taking measurement reading, incorrect recording and improper use of instrumentation. We can minimize this error by taking at least three separate readings and take proper care in reading and recording. 3. The significance of using the correct range for measurement are to get the more accurate and precise reading and to reduce the percentage of error when taking a reading.

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First And Foremost, The Consensus Among People Who Do Believe

First and foremost, the consensus among people who do believe that video games result in violence is that multiple studies have been done to show that they do impact aggression. This gives credibility to their argument and is often what they turn to when questioned by opponents of the other side. There is quite a hand full of studies that at least confirm an increase in aggression among people who play video games. One of these studies comes from the American Psychological Association, or APA, that is one of the largest scientific organizations that represent psychology in the United States. In their task force report they showed that, â€Å"The research demonstrates a consistent relation between violent video game use and increases in†¦show more content†¦The APA has come out and said that there may not be sufficient evidence to conclude that video games result in these real-world acts, like the one at Columbine. However, they have said that video games are one of many â⠂¬Å"risk factors† that can affect someone’s behavior. In saying this they mean that video games only increase the odds that someone will commit a violent act or crime. There are numerous other risk factors that may increase a younger person’s likelihood for being more aggressive and committing a violent crime. On the CDC’s website, they mention some of these risk factors that include things such as low IQ, a history of violent victimization, involvement with drugs, and exposure to violence in the family ( This would imply that playing violent video games are considered just as much of a threat to cause individuals to become violent. Overall, some acts of violence are reduced when the number of risk factors becomes reduced and taking away one of them may lead to a less violent society with violent video games being one of the targets. One of the final arguments made towards violent video games is how children are influenced by them because of how impressionable they can be when exposed to certain stimulus at a young age. A claim often made against video games is how the gameplay itself often rewards violent behavior with rewards in-game. In most shooters, a player is oftenShow MoreRelatedConflict Among Teams1248 Words   |  5 PagesConflict Among Teams Michelle Thornhill GEN 300 Diane Ellison October 9, 2006 Conflict Among Teams Differences of opinion exist in every organization and in every work group. Among the many factors which influence differences of opinion are the personal philosophy and values, differing strategies, and varying sources of information. A variety of opinions are beneficial to a team, causing team members to think about new and different ideas or to change old patterns into new ones. DifferencesRead MoreGmo, The Labeling Of Gmos And The Controversy Surrounding Gmos1073 Words   |  5 Pagesthat allows us to feed more people and grow more food. This, among many other things, is what the GMOs claim to fame is. What actually is a GMO? In recent years the conversation about this topic has increased significantly for good or ill. We hear amazing things about GMOs, all the potential benefits for mankind and our food. Conversely, we hear very negative things about GMOs and how it adversely affects our food and the people eating these foods. What is the truth? What do the facts says, and w hatRead MoreIs The Presence Of Religion Within The Context Of Marriage? Essay1361 Words   |  6 Pagesreligious activity increases the overall health and longevity of marriage, and to encourage married, couples to be active in their faith. Religion promotes fidelity. First and foremost, religion’s involvement in marriage promotes fidelity. The idea of a coventental promise, that marriage and sex are intended to be between two people exclusively, is so deeply ingrained in religion, that it is impossible to ignore. Some could even argue that this truth; that sexual exclusivity in marriage, is a nonRead MoreWe Spend $ 50 To Make The World A Better Place1511 Words   |  7 Pagesclass universities or holds a high position in business. The book was edited and main authored by Bjorn Lomborg at Copenhagen Business School and was printed in Cambridge University Press London. It has gathered many praises from different well-known people around the world. Kevin Roberts is a Worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi Company said that the book helps us make up our own mind, prioritize and make own choice. Moreover, He said that it is highly topical and just in time. Another praise from FarredRead MoreLeadership As A Charismatic Leader1541 Words   |  7 Pagesthat says, do as I do. They can articulate a compelling or captivating vision and can arouse strong emotions in followers. Despite the controversy about the originality of the charismatic leader, they are effective in the church, politics, and the business community. Are leaders born or made? Are they faultless? What does the Bible say about leadership? Leadership is the result of a confluence of the characteristics of a leader, others, organization and task. While there is a consensus of what leadershipRead MoreRedefining Gender Roles Of A Streetcar Named Desire1605 Words   |  7 PagesOscar Madera Dr. Amaya-Anderson ENGL 103 8 May 2016 Dissecting Gender Roles in A Streetcar Named Desire The representation of gender roles is among the most prominent recurring subjects in theatre, literature and expressive art as we know it. Gender, and what it means to human beings, is a subject that is as difficult to precisely define as death, race, and the concept of existence. Anne Beall, Ph.D. graduate in Social Psychology at Yale University, details in her book The Psychology of Gender thatRead MoreAmerica Is Considered For It s Freedom1606 Words   |  7 Pagesto practice any religion that you choose, and freedom to criticize the government. American’s are able to have the power or right to act, speak, or even think about almost anything they wanted to without restraint from the government or from other people. Migrants come to the United States to become free. To raise a family away from war torn cities or harsh governments. They come to America in hope of getting the chance to succeed in life and express themselves without anybody critiquing them.Read MoreAmeric a Is Considered For Its Freedom1616 Words   |  7 Pagesto practice any religion that you choose, and freedom to criticize the government. American’s are able to have the power or right to act, speak, or even think about almost anything they wanted to without restraint from the government or from other people. Migrants from other countries come to the United States to have a chance at freedom. To raise a family away from war torn cities or harsh governments. They come to America in hopes of getting the chance to succeed in life and express themselvesRead MoreThe Death With Dignity And Physician Assisted Suicide1742 Words   |  7 Pagesknown as physician-assisted suicide. Oregon, Washington, and Vermont have each enacted laws that enable a terminally ill, mentally competent, adult to decide and dictate end of life decisions up to and including the time of their death. Oregon was the first United States (U.S.) to enact legislation and other states in the union have foll owed suit. Literature Review There are numerous articles regarding Death with Dignity and Physician-Assisted Suicide. Friend (2011) investigates the history of physician-assistedRead MoreMbuti People of Zaire2211 Words   |  9 PagesThe Mbuti is an indigenous pygmy group who lives in the Ituri Forest in Zaire. In doing research for this paper it was found that the Mbuti is referred to as Bambuti quite frequently, however, they are only one of four cultures that make up the Bambuti. Researchers believe that pygmy people have lived in the rainforests of central Africa for more than 6000 years. Mbutis are primarily foragers who hunt or gather most of their food. The culture of the Mbuti or Bambuti is one of egalitarian where

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Micro Lan Unknown Bacteria Salmonella - 813 Words

Title: â€Å"Identification of Unknown #1† Purpose: Discovering and studying new bacteria can lead to new innovations and possible cures for existing or future diseases. The investigation of bacteria can also help incubate ourselves or act quickly in response to an invasive strain. The commercial food industry has a great need in identifying Salmonella to prevent disease in consumers. As well as being the cause of enteric (typhoid) fever, an important infectious disease, Salmonella is perhaps best known as a cause of bacterial food poisoning. Although typhoid fever has been largely eradicated in the developed world, Salmonella food poisoning has long been, and continues to be, an important global public health problem. In much of Europe†¦show more content†¦I knew that the Methyl Red portion of the MR-VP confirmed that the pH was less than or equal to 4 making this quite an alkaline agent, and reconfirmed alkalinity with the final experiment with the use of the litmus milk broth turning blue. The Gram negative stain and rod shape eliminated six of the possibilities. The SIM (Sulfur Motility and Indole) testing proved that the organism was motile, was a gas producer, did not produce indole, and Triple Sugar Iron-Agar Slant produced a black butt and red slant indicating glucose fermentation and confirmed sulfur gas production, leaving only Proteus vulgaris as another possible outcome. Casein, gelatin, and urease testing were needed to conclude my results, as only P. vulgaris would be found to possess the enzymes casease, gelatinase, and urease, which, none of those were found in my unknown organism. Both of the two organisms were negative to hydrolyze starch, and neither can metabolize oxygen. Most infections with Salmonella are traced back to dairy, poultry and meat products, but Salmonella can grow on just about any food. Chickens and eggs are particular high risk foods. Proper storage with the use of cool temperatures in a refrigerator, proper handling including cooking